iPage Review: Cheap Hosting, Good Quality

iPage Review: Cheap Hosting, Good Quality

iPage is one of the most popular cheap hosting providers. We are talking rock-bottom prices here. You can get web hosting for less than $2 a month. It drops to even $1 a month when paid for a longer term. Does the low pricing come with security and reliability? Indeed it does. We will discuss more it in later sections.

iPage has Outstanding Uptime and Performance

iPage Customer Support

On top of impeccable reliability, iPage offers amazing customer support. They support you in all the technical hiccups. With a few clicks, you can build your website. If something goes wrong at the backend, the support team is always there to help you. Their response time to queries is something to celebrate.

iPage has 24/7 American phone support. They do not outsource their phone support to Asian countries. Nevertheless, when it comes to the customer base, they are truly global. They have live chat support agents from all different nations. It explains the 1,000,000 websites hosted on their servers.

They still have the age-old support ticket system in place. You can raise a ticket with them and they get back to you shortly. Such features come handy when you have a major issue that requires more than a few minutes of chat with live agents.

Features of iPage Hosting

iPage Review

To make the deal sweeter, they chip in $200 worth of marketing coupons. You get $100 from Google Adwords for promoting your site. They give you a free Yellowpages.com listing and a toll-free U.S phone number. Additionally, they give you $25 worth for Yahoo/Bing advertising credits and $50 worth of Facebook advertising credits.

iPage has the best of uptimes. 99.9% is the number they assure you. They got such good backup in place to ensure that. It appeals to small businesses that are looking to invade the online space. Moreover, if you tried iPage hosting and still not happy with their service, you can cash in on their 30-day money back guarantee anytime.

The long list of features is the strong suit of iPage. You get unlimited disk space and unmetered bandwidth. You can host as many websites you want. Nevertheless, when you see anything ‘unlimited’, take it with a pinch of salt. When you use too many resources they give you a warning. However, you are not going to have an issue unless your site goes huge.

iPage offers a free domain for the first year. You also get a free website builder. They let you in on some basic SEO tools as well. Moreover, you can set up unlimited email addresses that support WebMail and auto-responding features.

An interesting thing to note is iPage’s control panel. It is not your traditional cPanel. It takes very little time getting used to and is a lot simpler and beginner friendly.

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As of security is concerned, iPage provide you a free SSL certificate for all the domains hosted with them. They are clear about their policy of not allowing casino, adult, or pharma websites. They are careful about maintaining the quality of their servers and c blocks. It also helps you rank better on Google as your neighboring sites are of good quality.

24/7 monitoring is provided by the company. Any potential issue will be detected and fixed immediately. They also offer nightly backups and restores. It comes as a rescue during critical data loss. Moreover, the backup effectively happens as a periodic cycle.

You get access to website error logs. The state of art encryption keeps hackers at bay. A firewall protects the servers from any malicious attacks. Besides automation, there is manual monitoring for threats too. Overall, they have a stone wall defense system.

iPage has the Best Support

Final Worlds

iPage has the best of deals to offer, without compromising on quality. We recommend their one-year hosting plan that comes with a free .com domain. Get started now.

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